Where & How Top Chefs and Sommeliers Effectively Sharpen & Boost their Sense of Taste

Bolstering one’s own strengths is a secret to success: it’s why the best of the best stay on top. Did you know that regular, medically supervised fasting cures can also sharpen and heighten the sense of taste? It’s thus hardly surprising that top chefs, sommeliers and gourmet critics regularly treat themselves to some time off for this very purpose.

Park Igls in Tyrol, Austria, is one of Europe’s leading medical spa resorts. Image courtesy of Park Igls – Medical Spa Resort.

Park Igls in Innsbruck, Austria, one of Europe’s leading medical spa resorts, is the place to be. Those who check into this renowned, luxurious and internationally award-winning hotel for ten to fourteen days or longer usually do so for good reasons. First, it’s to take a conscious time out. Second, it’s to actively and preventively do something for personal health. And third, it’s to enjoy the highest level of discretion and medical expertise.

This privately-run medical spa resort, which incidentally is located in a magnificent natural setting (you will love the glorious views of the surrounding mountains and the invigorating fresh air), specialises in medical diagnostics and therapy. Which method is practised here? Conventional university medicine combined with Modern Mayr Medicine, which is based on the traditional Mayr cure according to Austrian physician Dr Franz Xaver Mayr. The tenets of his methods are supplemented with modern procedures. Rather than combating symptoms, the focus is on seeking out the actual causes.

People from all over the world travel here to retain and revitalise their health. Alongside therapy concepts for treating typical lifestyle diseases such as migraines, obesity, back pain, burn-out or type-two diabetes, the most common reasons guests come back regularly are for prevention, comprehensive medical checks by experts from all medical disciplines and classic detox and fasting cures. This also includes top chefs, sommeliers and others who rely on an excellent sense of taste for their profession. The reason? They take advantage of a tremendous side effect resulting from cleansing and fasting cures, namely the sharpening and heightening of the sense of taste.

Especially when it comes to sweet and salty foods, the sense of taste reacts much more sensitively after consistent periods of fasting. “Throughout the year, our sense of taste is constantly exposed to stimuli,” says Dr Gartner. “A ten- to fourteen-day fasting cure greatly reduces the stimuli by either not eating any food at all over a certain period of time or by consuming only consciously selected, natural foods, such as Modern Mayr Cuisine. This allows the sense of taste to recover, and it is noticeably sharpened. This effect can be quite long-lasting.”

Healthy and tasty: Modern Mayr Cuisine at Park Igls, Jerusalem-artichoke tartare with arugula crumbs. Image Park Igls/David Johansson.

All programmes at Park Igls are performed under close medical supervision. They always begin with an initial medical examination by a competent and empathetic team of doctors. Based on this examination, a customised therapy programme is created for each guest. This includes both the nutritional classification of the diet and the therapeutic treatment programme with recommended sports activities for the duration of the stay. Everything is personalised, just as discerning guests demand.

“At least ten days should be set aside for this kind of healthy time-out. Two to three weeks are better, as this improves the results considerably,” advises the head physician.

Sharpening the sense of taste: A 10- to 14-day medically supervised fasting cure at Park Igls. Image courtesy of Park Igls – Medical Spa Resort.

Discretion, cordiality, and high-level medical competence, therapy, and diagnostics have made Park Igls one of the leading medical spas in Europe. With just 51 rooms and suites, this four-star hotel is the ideal setting to recharge your batteries and undergo a medical check-up in a private, discreet atmosphere. It’s also worth mentioning that there is a high rate of returning guests, owing to the fact that the staff at Park Igls do a lot of things the right way.

Tip: Ask for the Mayr Intensive Programme at Park Igls to sharpen and heighten your sense of taste.

Visit www.park-igls.at, phone +43 (0)512 377 305 or email info@park-igls.at for more information. Park Igls also offers an immune-boosting and detox programme, find out more about this here.

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