Jardinico focuses on creating exterior furniture that is designed for creating long-lasting memories of outdoor living. Blending high-end design with bespoke carpentry, Jardinico adds a unique touch to any garden or terrace.

Having been created nearly 20 years ago, Jardinico has become a well-established brand for creating premium garden furniture. With an aim to inspire outdoor living, the company offers an extensive collection of quality umbrellas, furniture and garden decorations both for residential projects as well as the contract market.

“We focused on outdoor pieces that ensure you can make unforgettable memories with your beloved ones. Just like memories, we aim that our furniture pieces last for a lifetime.”

By combining modern designs with top-quality yet durable and maintenance-friendly materials and fabrics, as well as practical opening systems and structures, Jardinico has become one of the top names in outdoor furniture in Europe and beyond. In fact, the company exports roughly eighty per cent of their production, and the continued summers mean that more and more people are investing time and effort into their outdoor areas.

Jardinico has created designs that inspire you for life outdoors; from the stylish umbrella collections to the striking outdoor accessories and decorations, Jardinico allows you to turn every outdoor area into a unique, cosy place to gather, unwind and make memories to last a lifetime with family and friends.

“We open doors to the perfect exterior by adding unique and exclusive pieces to your garden or terrace. We are happy to offer a personal approach and a suited outdoor solution for every setting and atmosphere.

“Our collections find their way around the globe through distributors, independent agents and local dealers, either in retail and the contract market.”

Concentrating on timeless designs, sleek lines and a flawless finish, Jardinico furniture and umbrellas are the epitome of elegance. With every detail being carefully considered by the team of expert craftsmen and designers, each product offers a touch of timeless sophistication to any outdoor panorama. Likewise, with an array of colours and finishes to choose from, each piece can be tailored to suit the individual space or additional features of the area, and are intended to last a lifetime.

“Creating a calming, serene environment is the aim of the collections. In fact, this idea also inspired the name for the Noa collection, which comes from Noach, meaning rest and peace.

“Characterised by its curving, the framework is made of natural teak that pay homage to old craftsmanship. The feeling of being close to nature continues thanks to the handwoven strap with a subtle touch of green. The accompanying cushions of the lounge pieces are made with a maximum of comfort to fully enjoy your relaxation outdoors.”

Furthermore, with shades that are uniquely taut with an impeccable finish, umbrellas providing superior functionality and an easing opening, Jardinico’s products are not only beautiful but functional, and provide protection against the elements during most weather conditions.

Jardinico is a company committed to offering a personal approach. This means that they put customisation and flexibility at the forefront in order to meet every need and add the personal touch you envision to your dream space. The teams are happy to offer a personal approach and a suitable outdoor solution for every setting and atmosphere.

“Each umbrella or furniture item is developed with the utmost care. Care for the world by the materials chosen, its resources and its people. It is the result of craftsman’s skills and our employee’s knowledge to give you the best service possible. Every piece is assembled, woven or knotted by hand. Due to the variety of materials and techniques that our products require, we invest in production at home and abroad.”

Boasting both attractive and functional products, as well as a personal, dedicated service, Jardinico are experts at creating a chic yet serene environment that invites people into the great outdoors.


Evolis 101
8530 Harelbeke

Tel: +32 (0)56 89 04 10
Instagram: @jardinico_outdoor 

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