The House of Rohet: Where Legacy meets Luxury

THE HOUSE OF ROHET is proud to showcase an extraordinary bouquet of boutique luxury hotels and camps in and around Jodhpur!

A family of distinguished Noblemen, over 15 generations, have left their mark in the fields of Military, governance, administration, sport, politics, social service, education, and now entrepreneurship. Their journey in hospitality began in 1990, when Thakur Manvendra Singh, decided to open the gates of his ancestral home Rohet Garh to receive guests. The House of Rohet properties has been recognized with some of the highest Global Awards the hospitality industry bestows. Over three decades, their business has evolved into being exceptionally opulent and has been recognized with some of the highest hospitality awards the industry globally bestows.

This luxurious fort holds nine magnificent suites, each of more than 1700 square feet of pure luxury. Private Jacuzzis or plunge pools with each suite, re-define the word indulgence. Numerous alcoves, lounges, and common areas commanding spectacular views have been designed to experience intimacy with yourself and others. Magnificent hospitality draws a lot of globally respected personalities to it! The team at Mihir Garh is handpicked, motivated, and eager, ensuring the highest level of service and hospitality that complement the magnificence of Mihir Garh.

ROHET GARH is a classified Heritage Hotel. Since 1990 it has been nurtured and developed with great love and care by the family into one of the finest Heritage hotels in the country. No new building has been added in the renovation process, but rather, old edifices have been skillfully redesigned to create a heritage property that has few parallels.

Seven Luxury tents sit on a small mound overlooking the expansive shrublands of the Thar. The indigenous flora in its breathtaking hues swaying to the breeze as the setting sun paints the sky in fantastic colors as a last hurrah before it retires for the night…and a healing calm embraces you as you listen to the silence, sitting in the verandah of your Tent.

THE ROHET HOUSE is their family home in Jodhpur. Spread across 14,000 sq. feet, this private property has been lovingly developed into a Luxury Residence featuring six suites and two rooms, a spectacular swimming pool, a beautifully appointed plush dining room, inviting lounges and verandas, and a lush garden. The Rohet House is the latest addition to our family-run bouquet of intimate, experiential properties under the “House of Rohet” umbrella.

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