For over 3 decades, 2-Michelin-starred Acquerello has offered an unparalleled Italian fine-dining experience in the heart of San Francisco. Behind its culinary excellence is Suzette Gresham, a chef who seeks to shine a contemporary light on Italian classics – much like this pear ravioli dish with foie gras and truffles.

“When we discovered these ‘aged’ or dry-farmed Bartlett pears, we were challenged to find an accompaniment that would showcase their silky texture, as well as their incredibly intense flavour. Our foie gras torchon added the finishing touch or richness, and the truffles brought the earthiness for the right balance. Your challenge will be to find the right fruit/pear to make sure all the components shine,” says Suzette.


Mix together foie gras, black truffle, truffle oil, Marsala, and a pinch of salt. Roll the mixture into a torchon, wrap in cheesecloth, and cure under rock salt for 1 day.


Thinly slice pears on the mandolin. Place a layer of pear for the bottom of the raviolo, add a slice of torchon in the middle, and cover with pear slices. Shape/press it to look like a raviolo and cut it with a circle cutter.


Blend pear with pear vinegar, then add sugar and place over medium heat. Leave to reduce to syrup. 


Place the raviolo on a serving dish, and garnish with truffle pâté, olive oil, celery brunoise, and micro celery. Serve the gastrique on the side.

Recipe courtesy of Suzette Gresham of 2-Michelin-starred Acquerello.


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