Fusing craftsmanship with innovation, SeaRaft designs tailor-made inflatable solutions that redefine leisure and utility in the superyacht sector.

SeaRaft specialises in crafting tailor-made, premium inflatable solutions exclusively designed for the superyacht industry. Imagine bespoke floating marinas meticulously conceived to accommodate jet skis, Seabobs, eFoils and an array of aquatic toys. These innovations can take the form of netted sea pools for luxurious dips or even serve as inviting sunbathing spots, all thoughtfully contoured to seamlessly integrate with the distinctive stern profile of each individual yacht.

Ranging from intricate sectional elements to expansive customised platforms, SeaRaft boasts an extensive array of offerings to cater to various needs. Their ingenious modular design philosophy ensures consistent sizing and incorporates strategically positioned anchor points, simplifying the process of affixing these enhancements to any part of the yacht. This adaptability enables swift and efficient transitions between diverse functionalities.

Crafted with precision in Europe, SeaRaft’s products exemplify superior craftsmanship by utilising superlative marine fabrics and top-tier materials. The result is a harmonious blend of exceptional robustness and unwavering stability, all while maintaining a remarkably lightweight disposition. The incorporation of specialised fabrics lends these creations both foldable and rollable attributes, allowing for a compact configuration that facilitates effortless assembly, cleaning, storage and upkeep — a convenience greatly appreciated by yacht crews.

It’s worth noting that SeaRaft’s commitment to innovation extends beyond the physical attributes of its products. This trailblazing Dutch company continuously explores novel ways to enhance the yachting experience, considering aspects such as user-friendly interfaces, eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and cutting-edge technologies that align with the evolving demands of the superyacht industry.

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Rijksstraatweg 97
6573 CK
The Netherlands

+31 627 284 228

Instagram: @searaft
Facebook: @searaft
YouTube: @searaft8315

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