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Hand-selecting high-end properties and real estate since 1995, Christie’s uses their success as one of the world’s oldest art auction houses to cater to its prestigious clientele’s needs and lifestyle requirements. FOUR speaks to Jackie Johns, Managing Partner of Christie’s International Real Estate Dubai, to learn more about their elite property portfolio and the unrivaled expertise and services available in the region’s affiliate office.

How did you get into your line of work?

Joining real estate was an accident but a happy one – I have enjoyed it right from the start. I have spent over 30 years in the U.K. and U.A.E.’s property markets and am now Managing Partner alongside Dinesh Chhatwani at Christie’s International Real Estate Dubai. We lead a multinational team that offers bespoke luxury real estate services. I contribute to crafting innovative business strategies, creative marketing concepts, and strong business relationships. My professional goal has always been to stay ahead of the market and provide a comprehensive, globally-recognized luxury service. 

What do you enjoy most about working in real estate?

The people. I immensely enjoy tailoring my approach to each client’s unique needs. This is our industry’s prime principle, and we strive to direct our discerning clientele towards the most suitable purchase or investment.

This also extends to our team; I relish our collaborative nature. Our offices are filled with good humor and dedicated professionalism. Ultimately, real estate allows you to be well-versed in a rapidly changing field, interact with a range of personalities and build long-lasting relationships.

Can you explain a little bit about Christie’s International Real Estate Dubai? 

Christie’s International Real Estate Dubai is a leading luxury real estate company in the U.A.E., offering the most exclusive homes. Our trusted services include guiding ultra-high-net-worth individuals on how to buy or sell luxurious residential properties, as well as the most elite off-plan projects. We also help enable international property deals in collaboration with the global Christie’s network and offer expert advice on property investment and portfolio management. 

What makes it different from other high-end real estate companies in the area?

We are part of the esteemed Christie’s group, which has a rich, 250-year history. Our refined and reliable services are trusted repeatedly because we combine unparalleled experience with a desire to stay ahead of the market. We are Christie’s only real estate representative in the Middle East and are part of a network comprising more than 950 offices in 48 countries and territories. This enables us to offer our clients bespoke global access to the rarest marketplaces.

What can clients expect from Christie’s service?

Our multinational team of agents and advisors has a wealth of expertise in the local and international property markets. I am amazed by their work ethic — they are committed and personable people offering insightful and up-to-date advice. They connect buyers and sellers of exclusive residential properties, working with luxury property developers and private sellers worldwide. This helps us maintain exclusive ties to trophy assets that include waterfront villas, five-star branded residences, and many more coveted properties.

Has the Dubai office grown in popularity over the years, and, if so, why do you think this is?

We were previously known as Premier Estates and provided expert, trusted real estate services for 17 years. In April 2021, we were chosen by Christie’s International Real Estate to be their sole representative in the Middle East. Becoming a part of this illustrious heritage and the worldwide network has been a great privilege. We have seen a significant upturn in high-net-worth individuals availing of our services. This led to us securing the largest single sale transaction for the U.A.E. luxury real estate sector in 2021. Building upon our longstanding experience, Christie’s name has genuinely elevated our business.

Have you witnessed a change or any trends in the way your clientele invests in property?

It goes without saying that the pandemic affected the market. Many of our clients now value spacious areas to unwind in. Private studies insulated from the city noise are also a growing trend, signifying that the lockdown made people more aware of the importance of disconnecting to spend time with loved ones and pursue hobbies. Thankfully, high-end developers have also recognized this trend, and many exclusive properties have enhanced this feature of their offerings. Clients’ tastes change, and it is part of the excitement of our industry to adapt accordingly.

Where are some of the hot spots for P.O. clientele in terms of prime real estate?

You cannot truly experience Dubai unless you take in the fantastic beaches and waterfront attractions, and the luxury real estate sector agrees. There is always a tremendous demand for a bespoke waterfront lifestyle. A great many properties offer breathtaking views of the shimmering Arabian Sea while also giving residents unmatched access to a variety of related activities. At Christie’s International Real Estate Dubai, we are happy to offer a whole host of waterfront properties, from exquisitely-designed villas on the Palm to towering apartments in the Dubai Marina, to name a few. This market sector is only set to grow, with a string of new developments targeting it.

What do you have in store for 2022/2023?

We are opening a new branch of Christie’s International Real Estate Dubai in the World Trade Centre, one of Dubai’s oldest exhibition centers and a zone and regulator for cryptocurrencies and other virtual assets. We are in the early stages of planning a third location in the bustling Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). Both will allow us to widen our availability, enhance our market coverage, and further our status as one of the country’s principal luxury real estate firms. We are extremely proud of how Christie’s name has allowed us to capitalize on our longstanding experience. In the past year, we have grown significantly, distinguishing ourselves as elite and innovative. We hope and expect to continue on this trajectory.

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