A limited-edition watch inspired by the world’s top chefs, this Hublot masterpiece is forged from the same metal used to create the highest-quality chef’s knives: the ever-durable Damascus steel.

Andreas Caminada, Hublot Ambassador
Anne-Sophie Pic, Hublot Ambassador
Yannick Alléno, Hublot Ambassador

Hublot has always been renowned for its exceptional quality and pioneering spirit. Extending its excellence further than just the traditional channels of watchmaking, the brand has collaborated with the world’s best chefs for a handful of years. In celebration of this, Hublot has unveiled a striking and impressive new timepiece: the Big Bang Unico Gourmet, a watch inspired by the globe’s gastronomic greats.

Hublot’s partnership with Michelin-starred chefs dates back to 2017 when the brand joined forces with renowned Swiss chef Andreas Caminada of three-star Schloss Schauenstein. Since then, six more Michelin-starred chefs have joined the Hublot family: Clare Smyth, Paul Pairet, Eneko Atxa, Yannick Alléno, Anne-Sophie Pic and  Christian André Peterson. For the second time in its history, Hublot united all these remarkable culinary minds for a one-of-a-kind dinner. Two of these chefs were gifted the honour of creating the cuisine with absolute carte blanche — the only requirement: the menu ought to be inspired by the words  “first, unique, different”. This duo was none other than the illustrious Anne-Sophie Pic and Yannick Alléno.

Big Bang Unico Gourmet, a limited-edition timepiece by Hublot forged from Damascus steel

Also, in tribute to this special allegiance that Hublot has formed with the world’s top chefs, the brand has created a watch inspired by the culinary arts. Of course, no chef is complete without a knife, as no good meal can be made without this critical tool. And so, this became Hubot’s muse: to create a timepiece using Damascus steel, the most iconic metal used to forge a chef’s knife. Titled the Big Bang Unico Gourmet, this exclusive creation has been produced in a limited quantity of only 200 pieces. The gastronomic spirit is omnipresent within this watch, from the Damascus case and bezel to the bracelet made from the fabric of cooking aprons. The Velcro fastener also guarantees its practicality – essential in a kitchen environment.

To ensure that the watch meets Hublot’s exacting standards, the brand has worked with Swedish manufacturer Damasteel to source its Damascus steel. Masters of forging this extremely robust and durable metal, they have even trademarked their own version of Damasteel®, which they’ve crafted since 1876. This unique product comprises two types of steel and possesses a unique weave of patterned steel on its surface, which endows it with superior resistance. The two steels – 304L, which is darker and constitutes mainly carbon, and 316, which is lighter – are combined in a similar way as the making of puff pastry: they are forged, folded twice and then pressed. The resultant patterned matrix that is rendered is always unique, akin to a fingerprint. In order for the metal to be perfectly adapted to the dimensions of the Big Bang Unico Gourmet, Hublot selected a special design featuring a pattern that combines age-old craftsmanship with Damasteel’s innovations. Surface corrosion of the composite enables the stratification of the two different types of steel to emerge, unveiling the pattern through contrasting materials.

Big Bang Unico Gourmet with strap made of apron fabric
Big Bang Unico Gourmet with Damascus steel case
Back of the Big Bang Unico Gourmet

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