Family vintners since 1635, Bottega’s approach to business has always been to create exquisite wines and liquors that pay homage to the local terroir and protect the environment for future generations. FOUR takes a closer look at one of its festive classics, the Bottega Gold Prosecco Spumante Brut, with its striking gold bottle and unmistakable taste of Glera grapes.

Blending sustainability with a passion for viticulture, Bottega S.p.A is a trailblazer when it comes to creating premium Italian wines and liquors. The family’s wine trading history goes back over 400 years to when Bottega’s forefather cultivated grape vines in Refrontolo, near Molinetto della Croda in Treviso. Since then, the family have continued their viticultural legacy and now produces award-winning wines recognised and sold worldwide.

Bottega’s profoundly ingrained philosophy of creating a product that is coherent with the terroir whilst also being noteworthy and beautiful has changed the face of classic Italian wine varieties. Now helmed by Sandro, Barbara and Stefano Bottega, the winery and distillery put quality, design, innovation and sustainability at the forefront of all its handcrafted blends. The trio proudly promote their lands and ancient vines, so they work hard to maintain the purity of the “Made in Italy” products they create. Throughout the winemaking process, the team closely monitors every aspect to ensure that what they produce is crafted with care and is genuinely unique to the Bottega distillery.

Having won over 350 lauded prizes and awards for their exceptional wines, spirits, and liqueurs, it’s easy to understand why one of their well-known Prosecco Spumante Brut, the Bottega Gold, continues to be a hit success. With its prominent gold bottle, this particular wine reflects the whole Bottega ethos – a traditional artisan sparkling wine refined and upgraded for the 21st-century audience.

This signature blend is characterised by a soft, harmonious and elegant taste, with a light body and lively yet balanced acidity. Created using Glera grapes, the elegance, freshness and liveliness of Bottega Gold’s bubbles stem from the beauty and tradition of its territory, where unmistakable panoramas are shaped by vineyards. 

Typically cultivated on the foothills of the Venetian Prealps, this province of Treviso is characterised by its long, moderately cold winters and hot but breezy summers. This not only creates an ideal growing situation, but variations in soil created by the rocky, uneven land create subtle nuances in the Glera grapes and, therefore, in the prosecco. Likewise, the hilly terrain is subject to extreme temperature ranges between day and night. This temperature variation enables the development of finer, more elegant and, at the same time, more intense aromas. 

After carefully harvesting the grapes, they are softly pressed, and the resulting must is stored at a low temperature to preserve its freshness. The fermentation then begins and lasts roughly 40 days from start to finish before undergoing the final part of the process to help enhance the body, the structure and the aroma of the wine.

Bottega’s current directors have heavily invested in sustainability measures to preserve the rapidly changing environment around them; currently, all their production phases follow sustainability criteria that aim to save water, reduce CO2 emissions and chemicals to the minimum, and recycle waste materials. Their determination to save energy and use renewable sources has even driven the company to only buy electricity from certified renewable sources. To date, Bottega S.p.A produces 88% less than the industry average for its carbon emissions in its distillery and an impressive 99% less in the winery, equating to 1.241 tonnes of carbon saved. (Reports by Life Gate and commissioned by Assodistil and by Ecoinvent).

Bottega S.p.A is not just your average wine company, Bottega S.p.A is actively transforming the winemaking landscape of Treviso and beyond for the benefit of future generations. Moreover, its stellar products are a testament to its care and commitment to the land, which can be tasted and smelt with every bottle.

For the Bottega Gold, this means a refined bouquet with fruity notes of green apples, pear, and citrus fruits and floral notes of white flowers, acacia, wisteria and lily of the valley combined with sage and spices in the finish. A true delight to the senses, this light yet full-bodied sparkling wine makes for an excellent aperitif as well as a mixer in cocktails. 

Furthermore, the Bottega Gold not only pairs particularly well with starters, light first courses (seafood and non-aromatic herb pasta and risotto), steamed or raw fish dishes, grilled white meats, and stewed or fresh vegetable dishes but also makes for an incredible centrepiece on any glamorous dining table or bar.

Found in more than 150 countries worldwide, Bottega S.p.A’s superb Italian wines and spirits are stocked in leading airports, premium wine shops, specialised department stores, exclusive clubs, fine restaurants, and classy hotels from the USA to Australia and South Africa to Northern Europe.

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