Since 1928, KLAFS has been revolutionizing the wellness and spa industry. Guided by innovation, quality and sustainability, its award-winning sauna, pool, and spa products are beacons of brilliance that make living a healthy life an effortless endeavor.

Frontrunners in the wellness and spa industry for over 94 years, the sustained success of KLAFS boils down to the company’s marked ability to innovate. Continuously investing in research and development, KLAFS are pioneers in bespoke sauna, pool and spa solutions. Always going the extra mile, and never resting on its laurels, the company seeks to shape the market in a revolutionary way, delivering durable, high-quality products that inspire and positively impact the lives of their users, all while preserving the environment through energy-efficient technology.

Motivated by the desire to exceed customers’ expectations, KLAFS can realize any dream, whether it’s a small stylish sauna in a private residence or an opulent spa in a five-star hotel. 

A prime example of the company’s state-of-the-art inventions is the ground-breaking S1 sauna, which can be extended from the size of a wall cupboard to a fully functional sauna at the push of a button — and all this happens within just twenty seconds. Devised with an ingenious zoom principle, this space-saving design now allows saunas to be incorporated into areas that may have previously been seen as unfeasible. By harnessing its expertise and collaborating with leaders in the design world, KLAFS is setting the standard for transcendent sauna experiences in the modern age, bringing wellness and relaxation to every living environment, no matter how small or old the building may be.

Covering all its bases, KLAFS can also deliver the most luxurious solutions to suit more lavish spaces. Working with renowned designers such as Mattheo Thun, KLAFS is able to envision unique and exclusive saunas that suit the needs and the style of any client. With the company’s design prowess, saunas no longer need to be hidden away; instead, these beautiful wellness sanctuaries can become the pièce de résistance of any setting. Complete with stunning aesthetics, clients will feel enticed to take a time-out more often — and they should, since saunas have incredible health benefits.

Research shows that regular sauna use can strengthen the body’s immune system. By exposing the body to temperature stimuli, it’s able to train its heat and cold regulation. In turn, immune defences are activated, minimising the risk of bacterial and viral infections. This is especially effective for those living in particularly hot or cold environments, as the body learns to cope better in extreme temperatures and can adapt more effectively. Moreover, sauna baths also improve circulation, so all parts of the body have better — and faster — access to blood and nutrient supplies. At the same time, this improves the speed and efficiency at which metabolic waste products are flushed out.

Over and above the physical benefits, saunas can have a remarkably positive impact on the mind and spirit. Taking time to destress and disconnect is imperative for psychological health, and a sauna provides the perfect setting to do so. Away from the pressures of day-to-day life, walking into the warm embrace of a sauna has wonderful, soul-nourishing effects. And, as has become worldwide knowledge, people who are less stressed and anxious are able to perform better in daily tasks.

Delivering a complete package of wellness solutions, KLAFS makes living a healthier and happier life easier than ever. It’s clear that the decision to have a sauna can be a good investment for the well-being of the whole family, all while adding to the allure and aesthetic value of any home or business. 

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